Taxes Ya’ll

The collection of money through the tax system is the single biggest demonstration of our humanity at work. Humans earn income, and then give up a portion of that money to fund social life. Beautiful right?!!? The issue however is that in this country the collection of taxes isn’t really where we keep missing the mark, despite how much talk time politicians give the tax tables. It is how we, or rather they, spend the money once collected. Which, under the federal system is about 50% mandatory spending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and about 50% discretionary spending on Defense. So literally, just decades and decades of funding primarily Social Security, the worst health care a first world nation can afford, to a select few, and Defense. Repulsive, and I will tell you that it’s not just Boomers prioritizing VIOLENCE over life, health, education, housing, employment opportunities, and prison reform. Last year in my federal income tax class, my Professor asked how many in the room (which was packed) support the collection of taxes for the military, and everyone but me raised their hand. When my professor asked the same group of students, IN LAW SCHOOL how many support the collection of taxes for the courts, the very same ones they intend to practice in, only a few raised their hands. Which is just bananas, and I am as shocked now, as I was then.

So I mean it makes sense then, all these tweets and memes saying that the USA is more prepared to fight itself than COVID-19. And that’s because, all of our money is literally going to the Military (and SS + M2). Which means that unless we are ready to turn this tidal wave and fund other things, like health care, we are always going to be more prepared to fight ourselves, than medical strife.

Which brings me to you Doctors, are YOU ready to let go of the private healthcare industry? And by let go, I mean stop lobbying. Because white coats are some of the biggest opponents of the public health care system. Which has me wondering where the hell we go then if you’re mad that your private employer is not providing you with adequate PPE, and you/we don’t respect a system where the government provides it (and more)? The answer is: nowhere. We literally go nowhere but the shit hole we are currently in. Because industry is either private, or it’s public, and you/we cannot advocate for a private industry and then want the government to all of a sudden step in and pay for the equipment the industry now needs, even if they did the worst job at protecting us from the virus in the first instance. WE need to start to value a system where the government does provide support to its people, and then WE need to direct the appropriate funds there (AKA DEFUND and REFUND). Which means we have a lot of work on our hands…

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