Her Name is Stigma.

We all just want the opportunity to be treated like the pieces of shit that we are for the shitty things that we do, not because of the incidence of our birth. Which means that what we are all really fighting right now is stigma: “the mark of disgrace or infamy, stain or reproach, as on one’s reputation.”  

Stigma is calling me emotional because of my sex and not because of the fact that I am actually just a very emotional individual. Stigma is not allowing the males at work to have scissors because they are inherently more violent than females. Oh wait, just kidding we don’t do that. We employ them, we legitimize them and their weapons, and we pay them more than anyone else. So, please ask again why people are generally fed up?

Stigma is however, the NYPD who within one week of Black Lives Matter protests, holds a press conference to yell about not being collectively vilified under the color of thug, and animal. Which is, you know, exactly what black people and other marginalized individuals are asking for. The ability to walk through life without being looked at as a thug, without being treated as a criminal, and sometimes less than human- solely on the basis of their skin, national origin, sex, sexuality, religion. Stigma. When you don’t give someone a chance because you think you know them as less then. Stigma. Because police brutality is the tip of the iceberg of what’s frigid in this “civil-ization.” Because we only start with the commodification of black bodies through the prison system. Oh you thought we just locked up black men for sport? Think again, someones are profiting; and this cantankerous rot proliferates every area of our waking lives- banking, insurance, the medical profession and health care, employment opportunities, education opportunities, settlement amounts. Because stigma; and violence and racism and profit.

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