The American Experiment is Over

Everything about the way we are living in America is wrong. And if you feel like we can run from this any longer, you’re wrong; we quite literally cannot. The American experiment is over.

The only point of hoveling together as a society is because we are stronger together than when we work apart. It is why we are not scorpions. We are social. And unless and until we stop economically pillaging the people of this country, we are never going to get beyond this terrible point in our society. It is that dire.

The picture above is how New Zealand spends their taxpayer dollars; and for some reason this is what Americans think our budget goes to here. You know because all they ever talk about is welfare and socialism. However in this country, the federal budget is spent on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Defense. Which said another way is: old people benefits, health care for 65 and up, health care for people below a certain income, and the INDUSTRY of defense.

These are not social benefits for all. These are benefits provided to very targeted and specific groups of individuals. And we’ve only been at it since the 30’s.

Social Security became a thing in 1935. It is the decision we made as a people to care for the grandparents of this nation. And I don’t really have anything to say about Social Security just yet. But Medicare and Medicaid. Ooof. These Goliaths were enacted in 1965. And we have been paying for it ever since.

Literally in one American pay check, if you are lucky enough to work for an employer who under law has to provide you with private insurance (but also gets to opt out bc it is against the company’s religion)- taken from your pay is: your own health care and then income taxes. And because income taxes go largely to SS, M2, and Defense- you are literally sacrificing chunks of your salary for your own shitty health care, the nations’ grandparents, someone else’s shitty health care, and the industry of defense. That is literally just too much. The millennials are fucking broke. The boomers with the money don’t want to pay any more in; while they stand to reap the benefits. And so legit, why the fuck is the American taxpayer paying for so much fucking health care? Could we be any more fiscally irresponsible??? This isn’t a red or blue problem, this is a red white and blue massacre. SOMEONE is keeping things the way that they are. And they all need to go. Read the dates above- 1935, 1965, 2020; the GOP has not done anything; and the other dinosaurs haven’t either. Because they’re making money off of the arrangement. Duh.

And so the answer is this: the money collected from the people needs to be spent on what all of the people need: food/water, shelter, knowledge and health care. This way, the rest of our money goes to our extras. The people who make more here, need to step up and do their fucking part. And those who are NOT the people (the churches and the Yeezy’s) they need to stay the fuck away from the people’s money. When they are ready to pay into the pot, then and only then are they entitled to the money. It is, that simple.


There is a difference between the quality of health care that America provides (which may be some of the best in the world) and HOW the cost of health care is shared among us (which is not some of the best in the world). We have employer driven health care and government provided health care that comes from the income taxes of the people. The same people who are also paying for their own through the private model. So, there is a difference between the quality of care that America provides, and who the payor is under a cost sharing model

Additionally, and for those who think just leaving America is the answer. America imposes a citizenship based tax. Not a residence based tax like a shit ton of other nations. Which means that just moving your ass to New Zealand or Canada, is not going to mean shit for your taxable burden. Unless you renounce your citizenship or find some tax deductions to avail yourself of. Or you could hide your money like the 1% does. SO, for the same reason we tell those nasty immigrants to stay where they are from and FIX THEIR SHITTY SYSTEM. We Americans should take our own advice, and fix our shitty fucking system of subsidizing the cost of health care.

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