We Ask Way Too Much of our Teachers

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I am the daughter of a teacher. I was scared for my mother’s safety long before the pandemic, and now… well fuck me right.

We ask way too much of our teachers in this country. Teachers take bullets for their students. Teachers feed and clothe their students. Teachers adore and support their students. AND on top of it, teachers are responsible for their students’ academic livelihoods. It is just too much. Especially for what we pay them.

During the earlier days of the corona virus pandemic, when schools first shuddered their doors and went to virtual learning, news outlets and articles started reporting on how we need schools to open because they are the only places where some of the students receive food, and/or a reprieve from a childhood of neglect and abuse. Without shame, and without acknowledging that we then have a much bigger problem with the American family in this country. If school is where we send children for the basic things their parents should be providing.

At the same time, the Trump administration is calling for the defunding of schools, and demanding that educators go back to work in unsafe conditions. No, this is not a joke. It is so not funny living here that not only has the administration made these claims, but the people of this nation seem to stand behind it!?! Which literally just breaks my brain. The solution to getting little people back to school is certainly not defunding an already disfavored line item on the federal budget. It is pumping money into the school systems; instead of handing out billions to churches, Nobu, and Kanye West, who is now so bi-polar to function, yet still capable of contracting with the government. Riddle me that one, two weeks of bar prep.

The bottom line is that school is not a substitute for the home. It never was, it never will be. And we need to start investing in the family at the ground level. The family then invests in their child’s needs, and teachers can go back to what they are meagerly paid to do, teach; and build upon the attention and support provided primarily in the home. Which means parents need to be there for their offspring. Which means we also need to adjust the work-life balance in this country. For real, if I see one more social media thread saying: “but what do I do with my kid when I have to go to work,” I’m going to lose it. We do not need to cripple the masses so that some can live well here. But the masses are too stupid to realize they are voting in people who preserve this system for their own wellbeing. Not theirs. And they also personally do not believe in a government that subsidizes the basic necessities of life. Which is a theory of government. It just isn’t what we have right now. And I also just don’t personally understand what the fuck else we collect from the people for, if not to spend on…the people. In a society that will never, and I mean never, not collect taxes.

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