The People Are Working VERY Hard TY Very Much.

The most adorable little monster I created before leaving her with her true owners so that I could learn the letter of the law. Oops.

What’s going on right now is not about working hard. Or rather, what is going on in this country is not the result of people not working hard enough. It is not the result of people being lazy, nor is it the result of people getting handouts. Corporations are getting those. The people, not so much.

What is going on here is the crushing economic disenfranchisement that persists even in the face of a people who are working very very hard. And so the truth is that some of y’all really just need to change your perception. Because no, we are not filled with people largely just waiting around suckling from the government teet. Yes, fraud happens. It totally does. But you can rest easy at night knowing that the laws themselves were written primarily by white people, and in such a manner to discourage the fraud committed by members of the black and brown communities. So everyone can just chill with that.

Before coming to law school in 2017 I spent four years managing several different doggy day care locations in New York City. It was totally cute, yes. But, it was also grueling. And there were days that I was literally elbow deep in dog diarrhea reminding myself that there is no indignity in hard work. And there isn’t. But what I can also tell you is that by and large, the individuals that I worked with, worked just as hard as myself. And because I can say that I literally gave this job my fucking all (I literally lost body parts in the process)- I know that for the most part, they did too. The only difference between us working hard, is that while I was cleaning up the vomit and the blood, yes, there is sometimes blood, my burden was that much lighter each day because my salary made it possible for me to walk home, instead of relying on public transit. My salary made it possible for me to put food on the table; and it made it possible for me to keep the lights on. The wages that we pay people in this country, for the most part, do not. And because not everyone is going to be the manager, the business developer, or the CEO. And because we literally cannot have a world like that- people like to do different things for work and we need different types of labor… We all need to want to exist in a world where the humans, regardless of their positions, are able to provide for themselves and their families And right now, they cannot. And feeding a false narrative is only going to make things worse. Not every baby will be in Dior. But every baby needs a parent who earns a salary capable of living off of. And because we actually do not have this here, we have a huge problem with the system of earning income in this country. Which is not the same as or even close to the problem of people not working hard enough.


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