We Hate Women Here

We hate women so much here that the United States of America will never get a handle on Coronavirus. We hate women so much here that we call them “fucking bitches,” at the workplace. We hate women so much here that we pay them less money. We hate women so much here that we give their employers the right to make health care decisions. So let’s stop dancing around what needs to be said. Because the only way to fix a problem, is to address it. We hate women here.

Yesterday, Congress called four tech giants to testify regarding their anti-competitive behavior. Which in other words means the companies have been working together to deprive us (the consumers) of meaningful choices. By calling these companies, Congress is doing their job, acting on behalf of us, the people, to find out why the fuck these companies are colluding instead of competing.

However, as pictured above, one man on Twitter thinks that Elizabeth Warren is “not the nominee” because she is “worried about breaking up big tech instead of being innovative and working with them to advance the country with tech.” And I want to address the latter before the former.

We have laws that discourage entities from not competing for our patronage. We have them because this country believes that competition produces the best results for the consumer. What came out yesterday is that these companies are not competing. They are in fact gatekeeping the internet, and in the process depriving us all. Which means that as a country, and an industry, we are not advancing because of them- Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Alphabet (Google’s parent); and NOT because of Elizabeth Warren, who is in fact just doing her job on behalf of the people of this nation. That the tweeter does not like the sex of the individual holding these companies to their legal obligations is a horse of a different color. And brings me back to my original point, which is, that we hate women here. Elizabeth Warren is not the villain in this narrative, she’s just not. But because of her sex, and presenting gender, she is. And that is a lot to digest for a female who’s been tired of this her entire adult life.

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