We Hate Women Here

We hate women so much here that the United States of America will never get a handle on Coronavirus. We hate women so much here that we call them “fucking bitches,” at the workplace. We hate women so much here that we pay them less money. We hate women so much here that we giveContinue reading “We Hate Women Here”

The People Are Working VERY Hard TY Very Much.

What’s going on right now is not about working hard. Or rather, what is going on in this country is not the result of people not working hard enough. It is not the result of people being lazy, nor is it the result of people getting handouts. Corporations are getting those. The people, not soContinue reading “The People Are Working VERY Hard TY Very Much.”

We Ask Way Too Much of our Teachers

I am the daughter of a teacher. I was scared for my mother’s safety long before the pandemic, and now… well fuck me right. We ask way too much of our teachers in this country. Teachers take bullets for their students. Teachers feed and clothe their students. Teachers adore and support their students. AND onContinue reading “We Ask Way Too Much of our Teachers”

The American Experiment is Over

Everything about the way we are living in America is wrong. And if you feel like we can run from this any longer, you’re wrong; we quite literally cannot. The American experiment is over. The only point of hoveling together as a society is because we are stronger together than when we work apart. ItContinue reading “The American Experiment is Over”

Taxes Ya’ll

The collection of money through the tax system is the single biggest demonstration of our humanity at work. Humans earn income, and then give up a portion of that money to fund social life. Beautiful right?!!? The issue however is that in this country the collection of taxes isn’t really where we keep missing theContinue reading “Taxes Ya’ll”

For ‘Deep

The person who knows exactly what its been like when everyone else asks me what the fuck I am going to do. What I am going to do is contact our Governor. Duh… When you look up New York City in the dictionary you see my face. Or at least that’s what my mom hasContinue reading “For ‘Deep”