The People Are Working VERY Hard TY Very Much.

What’s going on right now is not about working hard. Or rather, what is going on in this country is not the result of people not working hard enough. It is not the result of people being lazy, nor is it the result of people getting handouts. Corporations are getting those. The people, not soContinue reading “The People Are Working VERY Hard TY Very Much.”

Her Name is Stigma.

We all just want the opportunity to be treated like the pieces of shit that we are for the shitty things that we do, not because of the incidence of our birth. Which means that what we are all really fighting right now is stigma: “the mark of disgrace or infamy, stain or reproach, asContinue reading “Her Name is Stigma.”

On Privilege

I have been seeing a lot of videos on Tik Tok, talking about white allies. Which is wonderful because as a white person it can be really difficult to navigate the waters of race relations in modern times. And, we are literally one species on planet Earth, so until we all learn to work together,Continue reading “On Privilege”